Pushcart Nominations for Clover, A Literary Rag

We are pleased to announce our Pushcart nominations for 2016:

From volume 11 of Clover
David Lee: “January, a birthday poem”  The first four lines read:

The exuberance of midnight elk

stealthily picking their way
through dream shadow
across the ruined forest
. . .
One of the finest poets writing today: Find the rest of Dave’s poem on Page 5.

Mike Allegra: “A Short Fuse”  Timely beyond imagination–the story takes Mike to a western fireworks stand where a German Shepherd greets him with an icy stare and the owner interrogates Mike as to his love of guns and America. Page 83.

Christine Clarke  “Xiu Mei’s Husband”  The poem is spare, down to the bones, relays a story equally fragile that of a wife and a husband, a man who controls within his closed fist. Page 21.

Michael Dylan Welch: “Seventeen Ways of Looking at a Haiku” — Michael translates an abstract reality into concrete imagery.  One you will read over and over.
Page 203.

From Volume 12 of Clover:

Bryce Milligan: “Radio Nights” We travel in time  as we look at how progenitors discovered and reacted to radio news from great grandfather in London to Texas grandfather and then  poet son.  Page 118.

Joseph Powell:  “The Poet”  Joe grew up on a farm. He cleaned out cow stalls and listened to “rancher talk.” His dad butchered cows for beef. His good clothes were secondhand. When the learned professor expressed shock that Joe should rise from such a beginning, “The Poet” was his response. Page 99.

All our writers are prize winners–and if you want to check me out on this get yourself one or more  of our magazines  for holiday giving.

The world wobbled this November–it is time for writers to write. We need  the insight and inspiration. Norman and I are grateful for all our contributors and to each who submits writing to us.

We’ll keep the lights on.





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