Spring Frogs

The wetlands chant Buddhist mantras — Spring and frog song.

Straight across from my patio on the other side of the street is a pile of dirt taller than my house.  It comes from new construction–the tip top of it directs the eye to the North Star.  My daughter calls the mound of dirt Mt. Temporary.  Kids and sleds slipped and slid down the hill during the snow days of January and February.  In the evenings couples huddle atop Mt. Temporary to watch the sun set across the sky skirted by the northern Canadian mountains.  Eagles and hawks and great blue herons fly over — Canada geese honk and spread their wings as they go about their aerial business.  Green headed mallards and mallard hens swim in shallow pools upon the wetlands.

And like I mentioned, the frogs provide a soundtrack worthy of Buddhist contemplation.

I had back surgery almost three weeks ago, and because of that I took a month off from the studio groups and most other professional endeavors so that I could concentrate on recovery. I want to say this was a minimally invasive procedure. I have had back problems for 7 years, but the surgical repair was to fix a problem that came from me moving a table out of the house last year.  One of the things I am required to do is to walk every day and to never try to twist a heavy oak table through the front door ever again.  Ever.

I am a lifelong walker. The growing lack of mobility before the surgery prevented me from long walks, and I missed that. These long Cordata walks through wetlands and neighborhoods allow me to check the cusp of tall trees where a red tailed hawk alights to check out a duck dinner on the ponds below and occasionally an eagle flies overhead. My glasses might show a spray of rain, but I am warm and happy as I walk onward. Thank you each for your well wishes.

Our studio groups begin again March 27. Monday group starts at 1PM — Tuesday — group at 7PM.  So get ready to write!



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