About this Feud, Maybe

As the recipient of the first SULLY Award for certain auspiciousness for Clover, A Literary Rag, I want to applaud its creator, Mike Allegra.  A fine writer with a keen sense of greatness he thinks we should carry on the tradition of the SULLY by creating a writer’s contest — just what the rules of the contest should be are to be determined.  He is asking us for suggestions.  What do you think?  Why not message me on Facebook — Clover’s page — or to Mike. See link below.

And to Laurel Leigh — you introduced me to Mike and I have to agree with him about you nosing in to make a connected and wonderful place for writers here in Bellingham and  beyond its borders. From your work at Village Books hosting Open Mic to your ongoing support of Clover,  your support of writers and literary arts inspires all of us, every day.   So we know who you are! And count you as a true friend.  Thank you.

Here is a link to Mike Allegra’s page — hop over.

Remember folks, April 30th is our deadline for CLOVER, v. 13.  Get on it!


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