Thank you Bellingham

To make a prairie it takes a clover and a bee
One clover and a bee

And revery
The revery alone will do
If bees are few
~ Emily Dickinson


It takes a community to make a Clover.  From this community comes a Mayors Arts Community Award for Norman L Green and me for Clover, A Literary Rag. We thank our mayor and all those who wrote letters in support of this award. Especially noted and unabashedly adored, Laurel Leigh.

Norman asked me on the telephone if I might be interested in a project like Clover nearly eight years ago.  I was just getting the Independent Writers’ Studio going in the wake of recession–so of course–I thought it was a dandy idea. Raised eyebrows, here.

We figured we would have stories and poetry from the IWS groups and who knew, others might be interested. Business plan completed.

After Tuesday night groups Norman washes out the coffee cups by the fire escape on the third floor. I watch.  This is where  most of our Clover conferencing happened and continues to transpire.

IWS groups were supportive and wrote with deadlines in mind.  Village Books carried our rag.  James Bertolino not only mentioned Clover in the Village Books Chuckanut Reader, but he submitted poetry!  Others followed.

I love David Lee’s poetry and thought about sending him a copy of Clover. I did. He loved it, and sent us poetry and told his friends. Friends and friends of friends responded. We advertised  on Poets and Writers website–hooked into Submittables and Clover grew.

Norman and I are grateful–but not beyond words.  Words were made for occasions like this. Celebrate with us.  In an age of political catastrophe where we dig through the darkest flaws of our national character, it is gratifying to see the support a literary rag has garnered.  Small as we are.

We will keep the lights on.

Thank you Bellingham!




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