Oh What A Night!

Congratulations, Clover!

Norman Green and I accepted Mayor’s awards for the Arts for our little Rag from the ‘Ham. We were honored to be in the company of other recipients; among supporters, friends and family who encourage us each day.

To dreamers who may be reading this note let me advise:

I was born with cerebral palsy in an era where kids like me were segregated, teased and bullied.  My biggest goal as a child was to appear normal — to make recess something less than hell each day.   In class I had my hand up first; I knew the answers and in the schoolroom kids had to obey the teacher, so I was safer than when the bell rang for the playground.

Those early fears are difficult to overcome, and I try each day to walk tall — to blend.  I haven’t overcome those fears, but I have confronted them.

For all this blending business: I like bright colors. The little girl dream of being a dancer never really went away.  Teased and humiliated early on, I decided the world will always have bullies, and I will always remember.  I concluded I may as well do what I wanted — let my fears tag along — and see what happened next.

And that is a game changer.

Don’t be afraid of falling–on the floor — over you go — flop.  It happens and will happen if you are pursuing anything worthwhile. If anyone laughs, remember you have me in your corner. I might not be there but I will help you get up.

Dream big. Live long and let the sun shine in.






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