CLOVER, Vol 13 — Celebrate!

Clover kicks off September with an event at Village Books at Bellingham’s Fairhaven location. Sunday, September 10.

Fifty-five poets and storytellers make this edition possible. Twelve of our contributors will represent us all in Volume 13 at our event. You will get a mix of poetry and stories — fiction and memoir based.

If you write and have not submitted to Clover — why not?  If you have knocked on our door once or twice with no response — keep knocking.  We read everything we receive. We welcome simultaneous submissions. We would love to hear from you — our submissions close for Volume 14 on September 30, 2017.

Norman Green and I received a Mayor’s Art award this year  for Clover. We work with a “why not” attitude.

Writing is a practice. If you practice with a good heart and open attitude, the world of ink and paper  comes alive. I witness this in writer’s groups I lead.

Support Clover, A Literary Rag! You can buy a copy.  You can submit your work to it.  And you are kindly invited to see what it is all about at Village Books, September 10 at 4PM.



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