Shannon Law’s poetry entices the reader along a windy path of shared emotion, at times tiptoeing gently toward the topic, at others racing headlong toward it, and at times inviting humor in. The mix is wonderful. From that girl in school who builds forts, to the new owner of a used mattress who sleeps in the body-shaped dip left by its prior occupant, to a three-timing lover, to the loss of a child, these poems circumscribe a relatable life and invite introspection. It is nearly impossible to pick just one favorite from this gem of a book.

—Laurel Leigh, author of the blog Dear Writers



“This rich collection vividly evokes people and places with unembellished feeling and clarity of voice.  Christine Kendall transforms the ordinary into the lyrical, one memory, one observation, one resonant detail at a time.  Resting in the Familiar is an impressive collection by a poet sure of her craft.  Kendall stands in the great tradition of Evergreen State poets from Ella Higginson to Mary Barnard to Madeline DeFrees.”

Peter Donahue — Author of Madison HouseClara and Merritt, and Three Sides of Water.

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A selection of poetry by Christopher Capogna, written between 2009 and 2013. Chris dedicated himself to the written word at an early age especially poetry. Chris’ struggles with mental illness did not deter him, but gave him a determination to express himself in his work. He was uniformly optimistic and hopeful, wanting to bring to the world a positive spirit. He inspired others to do better, to enjoy friendship, curiosity, and life lived in the present, the spirit of being in the here and now. 129 pages with color art.