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Clover, A Literary Rag, volume 11 debuted at the Chuckanut Writers conference June 23.  Norman L Green hosted our table and greeted passersby during the two-day event held at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham.  One of our favorite Clover contributors, editor and writer, Laurel Leigh emceed our overflow-open mic on the conference’s concluding night at the Village Inn across the street from Village Books in Fairhaven.

Kudos to everyone attending–and to all our contributors who make Clover the success it is.

Happy to report that Village Books continues to carry Clover, A Literary Rag here in Bellngham.  We shipped Clover, v. 11 to Elliott Bay Books in Seattle, Aunties, in Spokane, Trail’s End Bookstore in Winthrop, and The Writer’s Workshoppe in Port Townsend.  We love partnering with bookstores that remain dedicated to literary publications.  We have an audience, and we remain grateful for its support.

I have been absent for the greater share of the summer–I moved!  To greener pastures.

IMG_0535 (2)
Clover caught my attention just before powering on my lawnmower at my new house.

And now I am back. (I wish it was that simple!)

Clover, A Literary Rag celebrates its current edition by a reading at Village Books. Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 4 at 4 PM.  Norman and I will introduce some of our contributors who will read from their latest work–and something from Clover. The house is packed at these events and it’s great fun.

Switching gears:

The Independent Writers’ Studio has two groups — Monday afternoon  from 1-3 and Tuesday evening from 7-9 PM.  If you want an easy going, supportive environment with insightful commentary, give us a try. In September, groups begin again in earnest. For details, visit our IWS page on Facebook and let us know about your interest.



Clover Ad for 2016 CWC_004

Our ad for  the upcoming Chuckanut Writers Conference catalog– Clover will be at the conference handing out freebies and offering sidewalk conference commentary — always so much fun to take part and truly listen to the fine writers brought in as faculty  and to meet and greet other writer organizations in Bellingham. Best of all are those attending  who come into the conference with books and stories-in-the-works and poetry.

Clover‘s table is close to Village Books at the conference. I am one of their best conference customers, and it is a delight to see Clover‘s summer edition among the books set out to buy. I love the food truck too!

So thumb’s up to Jessica Lohafer, conference coordinator from Whatcom Community College, Village Books, and all of us who support the writing community.

SUBMISSION PERIOD ENDS APRIL 30, 2016 — TWO DAYS LEFT! Clover, A Literary Rag‘s June edition will be out for conference time, June 24th!

Welcoming Submissions


HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY from Clover, A Literary Rag

Spring winds through evergreen boughs — blue skies — green beer.  A grand day to be Irish.

A reminder to get your submissions in for the 11th edition of Clover! We accept poetry, short stories, essays and memoir slices. We love the Northwest but open our arms and our interests to you, wherever you are. Follow the link to and find out how easily you can submit your best work to us.

There was a literary rag named Clover
That got to be known all over
The fun that was had
Made the editors glad
And welcome your words, moreover.



In the background birds sing. Chickadees  in March—the two toned mating call –the  throaty caw of the blue winged birds that alight in the holly tree. Rain falls in the side yard; sunlight beams through.  The first tulip bloomed this morning.

Images of home.

Images move a  kaleidoscope circling one direction, intersecting then switching ways, melding, melting and a new road is born


And so it is after 27 years I have  downsized, resized, thrown out, recycled and packed my dog and cat and I am ready for a new day, a new house, new neighbors and the truck that will take me there.

My house—the one with the chickadees and stellar blue jays come with me in poetry and dream. Memories of raising two beautiful daughters, of Christmas lights, and birthday parties symbolized by the raft of stuffed animals found in the attic.  I washed them. Winnie the Pooh came out beautifully.  The stuffed animals are for a future grandchild—so the road sign tells me.

My house shielded me when my parents died and on days when the world was too daunting to traverse.  A lot happens in 27 years.

I think the house knows I am ready for the adventure ahead, and that the house wants another family to raise.

So … this is what I have been doing the last two months.

Clover is on schedule and I am beginning to read submissions with brighter eyes. I look forward to reading yours. So get them in. Closing date for our 11th edition of Clover is April 30, 2016. We accept poetry, short stories and memoir slices.  Short stories and memoir slices should be 3000 words or under.

Thank-you, Bellingham

An overflow crowd at Village Books welcomed Clover, A Literary Rag‘s 10th appearance at the Literature Live event last evening.

Norman Green and I introduced 13 of our contributors in last night’s reading giving the audience a breadth of what to find in Clover: poetry and short stories, an essay, an historical piece.

Two of our selected readers read poems from other contributors: this was a highlight for me. The generosity of lending time from one’s own work to read that of another speaks to the heart of what makes Clover tick. We have over 55 contributors in Volume 10–each glows in the brilliance of the other.

And thank you traveling poets from Seattle who came up for Clover‘s gig–Larry Crist and Paul Hunter–we delight to have you among us.

Clover is accepting submissions for its 11th edition.  Please get those to us by April 30 for our summer edition.

And thank-you Bellingham. And Village Books. It takes a village to harvest clovers.





Expect the Unexpected ~ Clover V. 10

clover 10 poster_2

Clover, A Literary Rag comes back to Village Books January 24th to celebrate its 10th edition.  A print journal, started in the midst of a recession by two crazy people who simply thought, why not?

The Sunday afternoon performance hosted by Norman L. Green and me, the aforementioned crazy people, welcomes 13 of our 60 writers from Volume 10.  Watch Clover come alive!

One of our nominees for a Pushcart award, Laurel Leigh is among our readers. She will present her essay entitled “Nursey”— you won’t want to miss this.  Laurel exemplifies the high caliber of writing unique to our corner of the world.

Laurel is in fine company. Our roster of Clover 10 writers includes: James Bertolino, Anita Boyle, Susan Chase-Foster, Larry Crist,  Victoria Doerper,
Susan Erickson, Paul Hunter, Ramon Ledesma, Andrew Shattuck McBride,
Jim Milstead, John James Reid  and Karen Vande Bossche.

Clover turns the expected on its nose. Our writers come from around the world and bring their unique perspectives and willingness to break through the obvious and stereotypical experience. Norman and I love that!

Expect the unexpected and grab a chair at Village Books, January 24th – that’s a Sunday at 4PM. We will see you there! Clover is available at Village Books at both its stores.  Get one while they last – they are going fast. We are also at Aunties in Spokane and Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle.

With Gratitude — The Little Rag that Could

Our beautiful letterpress 10th edition of Clover, A Literary Rag  bedazzles the work table in the Studio.  How happy we are to announce “Ten’s” arrival.  Thank-you Rebecca Shew at Shew Design for your meticulous work.

Clover is possible — because of belief and faith and willingness to try something because it seemed the right thing to do with our time and talents. A quiet love of words. An ongoing endeavor.

If you wish to purchase a copy of Clover,  Literary Rag, you may do so on our PayPal page.  It will be available at Village Books in Bellingham very soon and in Seattle and Spokane within a week or so.  Stay tuned.