Clover is Coming

    Clover, a new little literary rag created by the writers associated with the Independent Writers’ Studio is nearly a reality.  We have seventeen contributors: The poems, essays, and stories create a choral effect.  We start with an evolutionary tale and move on to touch upon the subjects that touch us all with wit, humor, and Read More

Questions ~ July 14

One note:  Many are away on summer holiday so I have consolidated to one group on Wednesday night.  Tuesday evening’s group may reemerge when the writers are available.  Questions — You will have about ten minutes of group time to answer one of the following. 1.  Summertime and the livin’…. is what? 2.  Write about Read More

And More Friends …

  These wonderful friends have great blogs, and both were instrumental in the conception of Tibet a Writer’s Journal;  and, the completion of that novel.   Michael Yeager lives in Arizona and he writes an insightful blog; his humor and the stories he chooses are so well crafted, I recommend you following the link to check him out.  He was in Read More

Dress for the Occasion, a Dog Story

Barefoot, I stepped on  a slug dressed in a parka and bathrobe … I ask you is this a slug line? I was the one in bathrobe and parka outside my house after midnight with my dog Ruby.  She’s my little 14 year-old beagle with insulinoma, a nasty cancer that excretes insulin into the body Read More

Questions for July 6th and 7th

Answer any of these in about 10 minutes. At what were you expert at 20 that at  your present age do not feel so knowledgeable? If you were given time to learn one skill, what would it be? Write  about something you covet. Write about the longest distance yo ever drove solo or with car Read More

How to Kill a Wasps’ Nest

  HOW TO KILL A WASPS’ NEST It’s either them or us!  The decision is made and the drive to the local farmers co-op is made: You buy a can of foam by Ortho.  This will shoot up to 22 feet.  You also have in your hand at the counter, a wasp catcher.  This device Read More


  I have fallen in love twice.  Wine conversation words music and art are elements of this love. Elements of love? Strange the way we think about love; like a composition. He has all the right attributes. He says all the right things because he knows all the right words.  Elemental, my dear Mary.  My Read More

Meditation vs Medication

If meditation and medication were going into a heads-on battle who would you bet has the most power?  Which method of pain control do you think has the most ability to relieve suffering? Pain is misunderstood; it is a malady of the body creating a different mindset.  Please note I am not a scientist; I Read More

June 15th & 16th

These questions will be presented at the beginning of  the group, and you will have about ten minutes to write a response to one of them. 1. Write about your favorite dessert. 2. A lesson learned from a mistake made? 3.  Write about your very first ‘best friend.’ 4.  The strangest advice given in an emergency? Read More

My Three Pups

All three of my dogs came to me needing homes. My beagle Ruby was 2 when I adopted her. Sweetly spoiled and absolutely loved in her first home, Ruby came to me full of beagle energy and vitality.  She is a run-around gal.  She weighs about 20 pounds and her lithe spirit and demanding nose often lead her astray.  Read More

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