June 15th & 16th

These questions will be presented at the beginning of  the group, and you will have about ten minutes to write a response to one of them. 1. Write about your favorite dessert. 2. A lesson learned from a mistake made? 3.  Write about your very first ‘best friend.’ 4.  The strangest advice given in an emergency? Read More

My Three Pups

All three of my dogs came to me needing homes. My beagle Ruby was 2 when I adopted her. Sweetly spoiled and absolutely loved in her first home, Ruby came to me full of beagle energy and vitality.  She is a run-around gal.  She weighs about 20 pounds and her lithe spirit and demanding nose often lead her astray.  Read More

Summer Schedule 2010

IWS Summer Schedule Tuesday        July 6 –  August 10        1-3 PM Tuesday        July 6 – August 10         7-9 PM Wednesday  July 7 – August 11         7-9 PM 6 Weeks ~ $65 Join us around the table at the Studio   in the Clover Block Building at the corner of Holly and Commercial Streets in downtown Bellingham.   Get Read More

Questions ~ June 8th & 9th

    We will take about 10 minutes to answer one of the following questions at the beginning of the group. 1.  How is a 4th grade classroom different from the parameters of daily life now. 2.  If you could listen to an owl for an hour or the head of an oil company for Read More

Shedding Grown-up Threads

  Paining stones or cleaning bird cages — sometimes a good distraction clears the brain of clutter.  Tea and honey on a moody Sunday morning appeals to me.  Today at my house half built stairs leading to the front porch are awash in rain.  The painter crew will not be here today to finish them Read More

Terrace Heights

If you ever happen to channel Emily Dickinson — do not listen to her.  This is Memorial Day.  We honor the dead with flowers on graves.  We remember a touch; we recall the bravery and the last smiles of those who have died. Love becomes bittersweet; we love the ones we lost to death and Read More


These questions will be presented to you at the start of our groups meeting June 1st and 2nd. 1.  Have you ever made an entrance; perhaps, not the one you intended? 2.  Write about a fire you witnessed. 3.  Write about a gesture that touched you. 4.  Write about the corner store when you were Read More


A lot of people strive for perfection in their writing.  Perfection, thwarts creativity.  Creativity is messy; sometimes it is punctuated but often it comes out in bursts.  Giving passion or an insight over to words, I find daunting. On the rare times that  I expected perfection from a flurry of words on paper, I was disappointed. Often Read More


When I was a little girl I was told you could hear the ocean inside a shell. Maybe it is more eternal the sound you hear from within the shell.  Perhaps if you listen closely the shell reveals mysteries.  Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know I am drawn to stories that Read More

Secret Places

  Secret places and hidden realms — the stuff of sheer imagination? The Tibetan Buddhists have a name for places where the spiritual and physical worlds overlap: beyul.  According to what I am reading in Ian Baker’s book The Heart of the World, you can be in one and not know it.  Perception and spiritual Read More

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