Gaea’s Siren Song

I hear her sometimes in the depth of a dream; she fills me with wild-eyed imaginings where chasms in the Himalayas and lions on the Kalahari slip one into the other and dissolve in morning light, but I’ve changed somehow because each time I allow myself to be drawn into this flight of fancy led by Gaea’s siren Read More


Yesterday I actually cleared off the mantle; I am looking straight at the batik I described: the African mother with her two children.  I had it framed over thirty years ago; it was a gift from a cousin from his travels in Kenya.  Sometimes writing is a voluptuous flurry; images so rich and mind-embracing, you Read More


I’m looking at my mantle. I have 8 candles on it; a display of rocks and little native Alaskan soapstone figures intermixed, and some Swedish painted horses, cast about. Centering the mantle is an African mother with her children, a lovely framed batik in front of which is a wind-up red heart with feet.   A pewter Read More


I’m thinking about the good people I fell in with; particularly the two guys who put this web site together for me.  Andrew Lahmann is a young film maker and director. I came to know Andy as my tenant; he rents the lower half of my house.  Andy gained approval from the resident ghost and my canine crew, Read More


I look for signs.  I’m an optimistic person, and I look for signs to rationalize decisions I make.  When I negotiated the buying of my big wonderful house, I thought at first I should not proceed  with the sale. The living room and dining room were mixed up in my mind, and to me the Read More

The Day the Clouds Rolled In!

…In other exciting news, the weather took a turn for the better today as the ‘Clouds’ filled the sky. Park Street citizen Mary Gillilan and her tenant to the south saw their house painters advance nearly 2 hours on their job to the much-anticipated appreciation of their always-pleasant neighbor, Margaret, who’s nationally renowned yard sale Read More

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