What: Clover, A Literary Rag celebrates Volume 14 When: Sunday, February 11 at 4 PM Where: Village Books in Fairhaven Who:  Fourteen of our fabulous contributors will take you on a Clover adventure of literary wonderment; poetry and stories.   Why: Join us on Sunday, February 11 at 4 PM and  see why!       Read More

Program Please

Sunday, Clover, A Literary Rag has a wonderful show at Village Books.  Garrett Sanford is coming from Reno to read with us. We celebrate Laurel Leigh — she is following a new direction and will be leaving Bellingham at the end of the month. If you have not heard her read, you better take advantage of Read More

Mark Your Calendar

Join us for a great Sunday afternoon on September 27th at 4 PM. SUBMISSIONS for our next edition close on September 30. Get them in!   Read More


An interesting word: KICKSHAW 1. a tidbit or delicacy  2. showy but without substance Submissions are open at Clover, A Literary Rag until September 30, 2015. We are celebrating our 10th edition of this wonderful print magazine. Our special winter edition will be out in December. We encourage submissions for poetry, short stories (under 3,000 words unless Read More

At a Glance

Submissions are OPEN at Clover, A Literary Rag. Poetry Stories Memoir slice — For stories and memoir please keep the word count under 3,000. To submit your work go here.  Deadline is September 30, 2015.     Everything is connected. From Pierre de Ronsard  (who didn’t live to be all that old) When you are old, at evening candlelit, Read More


Norman L. Green and I  represent Clover, A Literary Rag, and we will be in the lobby of the Chuckanut Writers Conference with goodies at our table.  Please sign up for our open mic reading.   Clover, A Literary Rag is available at Village Books in the conference lobby.  An eclectic mix of poetry and stories, Clover, A Literary Read More


IWS attended the writers Chuckanut Writers Conference at Whatcom Community College this weekend.  Village Books and Whatcom Community College jointly put on the  writers conference.  Hats off to Chuck and Dee Robinson who support writers at the ground level, and give them a garden to grow in.  Anna Wolff from Whatcom College and Paul Hanson Read More


January is a great month for submissions.  Clover wants to hear from you.  Send your poems and stories through our submissions manager or email them to this site .  Our next publishing date is June, 2014.  Officially we begin to read submissions in February, but unofficially the beat goes on!  So figure out what you Read More


Village Books Literature Live hosts  contributors from Clover, A Literary Rag’s volume 5.  Village Books is the local writers best friend.  They form book clubs and open mikes and along with Whatcom Community College bring us  the Chuckanut Writers Conference.  Village Books partners with the Friends of the Library in the  Whatcom Writes contest, as well.  Chuck and Read More

Join Us!

  Clover comes to Village Books September 28th at 7 PM.   Eight wonderful readers from our fifth volume of Clover, A Literary Rag  promise a lively evening.  Returning from Seattle is Paul Hunter —PBS ran a piece about Paul a few years back and we are delighted to have him with us again.  Joining us from Read More

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