Program Please

Sunday, Clover, A Literary Rag has a wonderful show at Village Books.  Garrett Sanford is coming from Reno to read with us. We celebrate Laurel Leigh — she is following a new direction and will be leaving Bellingham at the end of the month. If you have not heard her read, you better take advantage of this opportunity.   Paul Hunter joins us from Seattle — his work has been featured on the PBS News Hour.

Jim Bertolino is going to read along with Luther Allen.  Luther hosts a series of themed poetry programs called SpeakEasy in Bellingham. Jim’s books are many and worthy,  Ravenous Bliss among his latest titles. Luther and Jim’s support of Clover, amazing.  Thank you gentlemen.

Christine Kendall is coming from her home in Twisp to read. Gary McWilliams flies back from Alaska and Carla Shafer arrives from a holiday trip from (holy!) Toledo. Abbe Rolnick rolls in from Skagit County and Caitlin Thomson is in the midst of a move.  These writers are dedicated to the craft of of writing. Carla began Chuckanut Sandstone Writers in 1991.  Abbe is at work on a series of environmental mysteries based in her neighborhood. Gary has a new book called Anchor and Pick just out, and Christine’s new book, Resting in the Familiar is getting ready for press. Caitlin co-founded the Poetry Marathon which is now an international event.

Not to forget Jennifer Bullis and Susan Chase-Foster. Jennifer’s completed a manuscript of resistance poetry called The Tongue of Narcissus. Susan’s voice –her very being — allows the muse breath.

A shout out to Village Books — our wonderful hosts! You don’t want to miss out. I’ll see you Sunday, September 10 at 4 at Village Books. Stop by and say hello and prepare for splendicity.


Four Candles

Officially we will celebrate the Independent Writers’ Studio’s birthday at our Clover, A Literary Rag event on Saturday, September 28th at Village Books.  Wish us well.  Join us then for a reading from our Volume 5 of Clover.  The studio is four years old, and is a Recession baby.   She’s up and walking and talking.

The idea of a literary magazine grew out of the groups.  Norman Green and I wanted to highlight the fine work done by those who consistently and faithfully bring their poems and stories to the table.  The idea grew and Clover now gets submissions from some of the finest writers  around–and that  challenges us to a higher bar.cropped-iws-group.jpg

So in a lovely way, we celebrate Clover’s birthday, too.

I believe anyone who has a poem in the heart should have a voice in the world.

Thank-you Wednesday night group.  Thank-you Monday group.  Keep those nouns and verbs coming.

Happy Birthday IWS.



Clover, A Literary Rag, Vol. 3

Clover, A Literary Rag, vol. 3.  This robust little rag  brings together poetry and stories in an eclectic mix. It is a commune for the enquiring mind, and it is available right here.  Simpley email:  and I will give you all the details you need to know.

Now that we have 3 volumes under our belts, we are exploring markets and venues and as we establish more ways for you to see  Clover, A Literary Rag  we have a wonderful introductory deal.  Buy the rag here for $17.  We will pay the shipping and the tax.  If you send us a check, please understand we have to wait 7 days after delivery of the check for us to send you Clover.  We are  not set up for credit cards yet, but we will be.

Clover, A Literary Rag’s table of contents is three pages long and the length of the read  is 206 pages.  Stories take you from hippiedom to the Kingdom of Nepal.  Poetry spans from Chuckanut Drive to a contemplation about Melville with stops at a country store some years ago…  Our contributors come from right around the IWS table and expand across the state and across the country — upwards to Canada — and over the Atlantic to Ireland.

If you attend the Chuckanut Writers Conference look for our ad in your complimentary catalog.  Village Books will have it on site at the conference and in their store in Fairhaven.



Everything’s Coming Up Clover

IWS steered into 2012 with engines revved. 

 We just finished a fiction writing workshop courtesy of Robert Hodgson Van Wagoner.   Our first ever author-invitational.  He shook things up some.

We received boat passes on the schooner, Zodiac to participate in Bellingham Rendevous courtesy of IWS member Chris Wallace who is chief mate on the schooner.  I’ve never been on a tall ship before and the last time I was on a sail boat I was 15.  I am very excited about this!

Clover, A Literary Rag, vol. 3 is coming out in June in time for the Chuckanut Writers Conference.  Our prayer, at least!  The idea of the conference is to bring writers together, to share and maybe even inspire. 

Submissions are open for Clover, 3 until April 30.  If you have something to submit for this issue now is the time to refine and submit.

And to all friends of our studio, thank-you.  Special thanks to Norman L. Green.  Check out his dream blog.


Bellingham — save the date!

Please join many of Clover, A Literary Rag’s wonderful writers at our launch at Village Books in Fairhaven, this Sunday, September 25, at 4PM.

Among the poets — James Bertolino — who we are so honored to have in our pages.  Jim has been writing poetry for 40 years.  His first book of poetry came out in 1968.  His latest, Finding Water, Holding Stone was published in 2009, and one that I am happy to have among my books of poetry.  Jim is as gracious and kind of man as he is talented.   From the Chuckanut Radio Hour we have our own Shelley Muzzy who will read a piece from her novel-in-progress, Love and Haight.  Jim Milstead and Andrew Shattuck McBride will also read  poems.  And that’s not all — but why give the whole afternoon away?

Norman L. Green and I will host the afternoon reading.  Norman is a Walk Award winner of the Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest.  He is the ideas’man behind Clover… and co-editor.  He is the true right arm of the Independent Writers’ Studio.

Join us on Sunday at Village Books — at 4 PM.  Clover, A Literary Rag, Vol. 2 is made here in Bellingham, Washington by Bellingham artists and artisans.