What: Clover, A Literary Rag celebrates Volume 14 When: Sunday, February 11 at 4 PM Where: Village Books in Fairhaven Who:  Fourteen of our fabulous contributors will take you on a Clover adventure of literary wonderment; poetry and stories.   Why: Join us on Sunday, February 11 at 4 PM and  see why!       Read More

Some Clover Stats

  We began Clover, A Literary Rag in the Summer of 2010. Norman Green, my friend and partner in Clover, and I decided to publish twice a year.  We started with our base of contributors from the Independent Writers’ Studio — 17 contributors counting Norman and me.  Thirteen editions later we have published a total Read More


Mid-Atlantic, poems of separation and the sea is a new collection by local poet, John James Reid.  He reads from this volume at Village Books, Saturday, Aug. 26 at 7 PM. I  shall be  honored to introduce John, a Clover contributor, at his reading. John James Reid is an Irish poet, architect and mediator who Read More

Mark Your Calendar

Join us for a great Sunday afternoon on September 27th at 4 PM. SUBMISSIONS for our next edition close on September 30. Get them in!   Read More


I have a list of things I want to say: 1.  You are the master of your imagination — the engineer whose job it is to develop a pathway from your experience to an audience.  In your own words. 2.  The Independent Writers’ Studio begins again June 22, that is Monday at 1 PM.  Get excited Read More

Jim Milstead at Village Books

What a privilege it is for me to invite you to Jim Milstead’s reading from Collage at Bellingham’s Village Books at 4 PM on Sunday, April 19! Born in 1927, Jim’s love affair with life began as a child roaming the Mohave Desert. His father encouraged him into the sciences, and Jim achieved his doctoral degree Read More

Denise duMaurier at Village Books

If you have heard Denise duMaurier read, you will be at Village Books for this rare opportunity to spend an hour with this world traveling poet/artist/actress.  Her third volume of poetry, SENTINEL, is available at Village Books! SENTINEL was published by the Independent Writers’ Studio and printed by Threshold Documents. Submissions are open for Clover, A Literary Read More

Clover, A Literary Rag, Vol. 8, Reading Date

Yesterday I listened to a leafless tree–a small crabapple or cherry tree, perhaps, but a singing tree.  I studied the empty limbs, and saw the fluff of a squirrel’s tail as it lay prone along a branch. Apparently the squirrel was curious, too. My two little dogs and I stood stalk still, waiting.  Those were chickadee songs Read More


Thank-you Village Books and our receptive audience — Clover, A Literary Rag had a wonderful time celebrating  Volume 5, September 28th! Elliott Bay Book Company now carries Clover, A Literary Rag — Seattle here we are!  We are excited to join the vibrant poetry scene in our neighbor city.  Support your local independent bookseller with a Read More

Four Candles

Officially we will celebrate the Independent Writers’ Studio’s birthday at our Clover, A Literary Rag event on Saturday, September 28th at Village Books.  Wish us well.  Join us then for a reading from our Volume 5 of Clover.  The studio is four years old, and is a Recession baby.   She’s up and walking and talking. Read More

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